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"Embrace the Wellness Journey at the Oriental Beach Resort: An Indulgent Fitness Experience" Welcome to the Oriental Beach Resort, where fitness and relaxation blend seamlessly into an enchanting holiday experience. Our resort, nestled amidst beautiful landscapes and soothing beach vistas, understands that maintaining your fitness regimen is vital, even during vacation. Here, we take fitness to an entirely new level, offering an extensive array of equipment and activities designed to keep you fit, motivated, and excited about your wellness journey.


The Poolroom Activity at Oriental Beach Resort Sunlight dapples the azure waters of the ocean as you step foot into the heart of the Oriental Beach Resort. Among the numerous luxurious amenities offered, the poolroom stands as a hub of camaraderie and friendly competition, an inviting haven for guests seeking an engaging diversion from the sun and sand.

Swimming Pool

The Oriental Beach Resort - a paradise by the sea, but the charm of our swimming pool cannot be ignored. An idyllic sanctuary for both mind and body, a visit here is more than just an activity - it's a sensory experience. Emerging from the tropical landscape that surrounds the resort, our swimming pool paints a stunning picture of appealing visual charm. Lush greenery hugs the pool's periphery, while the pristine blue of the water mirrors the skies above, inviting one and all to immerse in its inviting depths.


The Oriental Beach Resort, tucked between the lush forests of the Ko Kho Khao area and the serene 50-meter stretch of Intime Beach, offers an extraordinary blend of natural beauty and pleasurable beach activities. The unique location of the resort provides an immersive experience that plunges you into an awe-inspiring world of tranquility and leisure.

Spa Massage

The exotic allure of Thailand stretches beyond its luminous temples, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant street markets. One of the must-dos that should occupy a special place on your bucket list is to immerse yourself in the soul-soothing experience of a real Thai massage. In the heart of this tropical paradise, the Oriental Beach Resort offers a perfect setting for this rejuvenating activity.


Welcome to the Oriental Beach Resort, your luxurious destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Among our myriad world-class facilities, one of our cherished offerings is the Spa Centre. This idyllic sanctuary, designed to connect you with the harmonious rhythms of nature, is home to a standout experience - the ultimate sauna activity.


At Oriental Beach Village, we have a jaccuzi for relax, enjoy and share a perfect moment.

Mountain bikes

Pedal, Discover, and Stay Fit: Mountain Biking at Oriental Beach Resort In the heart of the bustling world, Oriental Beach Resort presents an irresistible invitation to take a break from the routine, with its free mountain biking activity. Positioned in a location that prides itself on a picturesque coastline and lush greenery, our resort offers a unique opportunity to embark on an exhilarating journey on two wheels, taking in the charm of the local village, its vibrant culture, and striking landscapes.


In the heart of the Oriental Beach Resort lies a charmingly designed sanctuary that is sure to draw the attention of both dedicated bookworms and casual readers alike. The resort's Reading Area, nestling in a corner that is softly kissed by natural light, is more than just a simple collection of books; it's an engaging realm where a diverse range of narratives come alive. Framed by picturesque views of the sea, this space provides an opportunity for guests to connect with fascinating literature in a stunning beachfront setting.

Ko Pah - Tours

A Hidden Paradise: The Koh Pa - Tours Activity at the Oriental Beach Resort A flawless fusion of intimacy, enchantment, and serene tranquility awaits you at the Oriental Beach Resort. Here, guests are given the exceptional opportunity to embark on a voyage of discovery with our exclusive Ko Pa tours. This activity is unlike any other. It transports you to a remote sandbank, so secluded and untouched it isn't even listed on the maps. This exquisite locale is the epitome of a private paradise, a retreat where human footprints are a rarity and nature unfurls in its untouched grandeur.

ATV Tours

Discovery our island with a tour an ATV.
You will go make a island tour with the ATV in the for discovery the beauty of Koh Kho Khao Island. With a guide, you going to the jungle, meadow and on the beach for finish your tour with an amazing sunset.

Kayak Tours

Discovery our island in the rivers with a kayak tour.

Similan Islands

Discovery the famous Similan Islands

Surin Islands

Discovery the wonderful Surin Islands